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At Metis, we receive with open arms those who are looking for a first job opportunity as well as people with a valued professional experience. We aim continuously to transform our goals into reality. Our company grows, because we grow—as professionals, as individuals, as employees of Metis.

We believe in a friendly and fulfilling working environment

Metis is a place where your passion for service and desire to make a difference can grow into new opportunities. A place where you can be all that you are—genuine, caring, interested in people and interesting yourself—and become even more. More skilled. More inspired. More invested. More involved. More satisfied.
Talent is at the core of our business, our strong people focus is best reflected by our organizational culture and core values. That's why we take great care of our people: your success is our goal. We believe there is a place for you in our team. So join Metis, your time has come!

Build your career

Metis has a strong entrepreneurial history. The reason why we are in many different markets and use a wide range of technologies and business processes, is that behind every new line of service or new country effort, lies the talent of a group of people who have the trust and the support of the company. We have a corporate vision and a well drafted action plan for the future, both of which are constantly enriched by our people’s ambition to reach new heights… so, are you ready to chart your own career path? At Metis we are ready to put those plans into action!

Your success is our success

At Metis we are learning every day, building careers and focusing on retaining employees through a cycle of regular development, recognition and rewards tied to performance.
We strive to make sure that everyone at Metis reaches their potential, further their careers and makes their mark. Lifelong learning and development opportunities are part of our strategy and are integral in our ongoing goal to be an employer of choice.
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