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Delivering information that is accurate, easy-to-understand and personalized will be crucial. Keypoints why we different than other BPO, at Metis focusing on how to improve current business process as well as giving a work guarantee

Effective air fare filing

Effectively and accurately load the Private airfare or publish airfare across fare filing platform — ATPco, Navitaire, Sabre Myfares, Farex, FareXpert, APF and travel Global Distribution System (GDS) — Navitaire, Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo.
The dynamic fare changes for particular market of Airlines is causing the volume of air fare filing process increase significantly. Our service may help GDS company, wholesaler, or an airline to process the fare and its complexity.

Advanced ticketing process

Handling the customer in ticketing process based on the Passenger Name Record (PNR) through GDS or an automated system.
The itinerary in PNR may various, and the flight journey involve variation of fare types, airlines, as well as IATA rules and condition causing the exact calculation need to be done before the certain time limit. Our ticketing team process the ticket which not generated automatically by GDS system, issue or reissue it, and deliver it before the time limit.

Responsive land process

Land distribution talks about end-to-end business process from supplier (hotels, tours, transfer, and activities). Input data into the system and deliver it market, so people can book a room, a transfer, an activity. We have a skill-set of processing payment of invoices and statement, and do the investigation to any issue booking issue in the system.
Land distribution is having variety of products to manage and Metis can manage any data entry for Calypso System, Ejuniper Booking Engine, Tourplan System or any other land distribution platforms. Our service may take part in managing those with speed response and deliver it well.


Process of managing and loading products and its content to customer system platform. The services are applicable for supplier.


Updating day to day suppliers’ inventory which are crucial.


Taking care of the unconfirmed booking and advising the consultant before it’s being finalized through the payment.


Working on reconciliation on invoices/statement, processing refund for consultant.

Product Investigation

Identify any error occur and escalate it properly.

Airlines trusted advisor

Airline is one of the industry that employs many resources in operational from pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight service. Our team helps in maintaining airline schedule and crew scheduling.

Fare and Load Schedule

Fast and accurate loading of airline publish fare and schedule into airline specific system platform.

Crew Scheduling

Manage airline crews by its crew management system by planning crew flying time and rest hours, tracking crew movements in order to achieve airline on time performance.

Consolidating cruise information

Consolidating and load multiple cruise information into variety of travel loading platform. Exciting itineraries of the cruise fares must be presented clearly and accordingly.
Our service will process the deck plan, stateroom, and its policies to be informed well into the cruise platform.

End to end fare auditing solutions

The fare auditing service objective is to reduce client revenue losses by avoid any errors may happen.
Our service provides end to end fare auditing solutions and together with our clients to define the audit result as expected.

Digital Capabilities

We support our customers unique requirements through our Digital Capability services. We process and update business information using software platforms to enable data management, business transformation, and customer engagement.

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